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Archaeopteryx and Other Ancient Bird Fossils Archaeoraptor: The Dino-Bird Hoax
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All the findings we have examined so far reveal that species appeared on Earth suddenly and fully formed, with no evolutionary process prior to them. If this is so, then this is concrete evidence that living things are created, as evolutionary biologist Douglas Futuyma has acknowledged. Recall that he wrote: "If they did appear in a fully developed state, they must indeed have been created by some omnipotent intelligence."171 Evolutionists, on the other hand, try to interpret the sequence by which living things appeared on earth as evidence for evolution. However, since no such evolutionary process ever took place, this sequence can only be the sequence of creation. Fossils reveal that living things appeared on earth first in the sea, and then on land, followed by the appearance of man, who possesses a flawless and superior design.









The Invalidity of Punctuated Equilibrium

171 Douglas J. Futuyma, Science on Trial, Pantheon Books, New York, 1983, p. 197.